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Convert CHM 2 PDB Home

Let me present to you a small program that i have made..

After searching through the net for a reader for CHM files, i was frustrated.
So i have compiled a program that will convert your CHM files to iSilo PDB, so that they can be easily read with iSilo PDB reader!

The user interface is very simple, infact you just have to point towards the source file and the destination folder!!

Any suggestions / comments are welcome.

Download Here

Download from authors site


eross said...

Great program, thanks for this!
Is there a way to create the PDB without images (for PDA to save space)?
If not , can you add the feature?

eross said...

Add to the GUI the option to edit Imageoptions:
Images - Include/exclude
Resize Large Images - yes/no
Maximum Width - value
Maximum Hight - value

risumfiriri said...

Great job! I'd like to see CHM2Plucker version, too.

Christian Vidal Nuñez said...

Great!!!, It functions Ok with almost all CHM archives. Can you help me to convert PDF files into pdb? I was trying to but it didn't work,

Dr. Shajul said...

@ Christian Vidal Nuñez:
Use Repligo

kub said...

great program,
I tried to convert CHM file (cca 20MB),
decompiling ok, but Isilox created very small file containing just links (size 58KB) , what am I doing wrong?

Dr. Shajul said...

@ kub:
check the folder c:\chm2pdb\[your_chm_filename].

try reconverting using IsiloX manually!!

Benjamin said...

Wow this is great, but I can't get it to work. I get an error stating the application failed to initialize. I have HH.exe, IsiloX etc... installed.

?any hints


sandeep kumar said...

hi . i was breaking my head over how to remove images from my chm files . or pdb isilo files . kindly help . already wasted two days

Dr. Shajul said...

hi sandeep,
browse to folder c:/chm2pdb and to subfolder containing ur chm name.
then start isilox and compile TOC.html file with option of no images!

Leonardo Martins said...

It is great! Just what I needed!!
Just a few things:
1- After it is done, to view in a good width in my palm I have to select disable table format. Otherwise I have do scroll to right and left every line... And when I put in this disable mode all the tables in the text become disorganized... How could I fix this problem?
2- Is there a way to make links for te references for figures, tables and chapters in the text?

Sorry for anything wrote wrong! I am Brazilian...

Thanks a lot!!

Ari said...

Thanks for the great program.

Dr. Shajul said...

Updated to version 2.0, removed all external dependencies.

Please download and try the new version if you have problems..

NnG said...

Hello Dr. Shajul
I really like your software, it's simple but really great! I can convert many CHM documents to PDBs and transfer them to my cellphone, a Nokia 5233, and read them everytime.
CHM2PDB works great in converting English documents, but when it converts Vietnamese documents, it can not convert Vietnamese font fluently. Some Vietnamese vowel such as "ê", "ư",... with or without accent CHM2PDB changes them to "?". I tried many ways I knew but they did not work.
Help me please! Thank you for your attention.

Dr. Shajul said...

Please replace Template.ixl with the new one from here ->Template for UTF-8 and let me know the result.

NnG said...

Oh, thank you very much for such a fast reply!
I've just tried your new Template.ixl and it worked! Those vowels were converted as always they are :D.
I'm really thankful and appreciative :).

Have a good weekend, Doctor Shajul :x.

Dr. Shajul said...

Glad it worked :) Wishing a nice weekend to you too. Also, please note that the new home of this piece of software is